About Kamera Kids

Kamera Kids is Canada's biggest and best children's acting and modeling agency!  We proudly represents kids of diverse ethnic backgrounds, from newborn to 17 years of age, for the television, film and fashion industries.

Kamera Kids has a strong roster of kids who are self-confident, outgoing and personable, and it is these qualities which help make the agency so successful.  Working with supportive parents who understand the need to balance the business and their child's happiness is something of great importance to us. At Kamera Kids, work and play go hand in hand in creating a successful career.

We encourage parents to help kids become involved in activities and training which will promote self-confidence and develop skills which will help them achieve success in the industry. With the dedication, enthusiasm and support of those around them, children can develop into outstanding individuals with successes both inside and outside the industry!  The opportunities are endless.

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