About KameraTalent

Ann Sutherland - Sutherland Models Inc.

KAMERA TALENT AGENCY is Canada's most prestigious, full-service acting agency for youth. Our focus is on principal talent for film, television, live theatre and voiceover work.

We adore and respect young people, take great pride in being a part of their social development, and believe that the study and experience of acting makes them better people, not just better actors!

Our talent can be seen in high profile live action television series, feature films, animation and video games, professional theatre projects and music videos.

Watch for Kamera Talent on TV series such as Annedroids, The Adventures of Napkin Man, Playdate, Mystery Files, Rogue, Dark Matter, The Stanley Dynamic, Odd Squad, Hi Opie, Max and Ruby,This is Scarlett....as hosts on YTV's "The Zone - Kids Take Over"....and in feature films such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, The Patriot, Pixels, and Aaliyah, Princess of R&B...and many more!



Successful talent are usually extremely outgoing, friendly, fearless extroverts with big personalities, self-confidence, good memory skills, an above-average focus and great sense of humour. Kids with these qualities combined with an "x-factor" called charm come in all shapes and sizes and are the kids that casting directors spend their days hoping to find. We look for raw talent that can be developed and represented by Kamera Talent for film and television.


Our time-honoured, national reputation for representing young actors is based on trust, professionalism and expert preparation by an internationally experienced staff. This hand-selected group of experienced agents understand the special requirements of our young actors and the challenges they face in this competitive industry, and work diligently with each and every actor to prepare them for the industry.


Our Young Actor Intensive Workshop offers a comprehensive variety of experiences that stress personal development through acting and audition skills, verbal communication, body language, improvisation and scene work. 

KAMERA TALENT is owned and operated by Ann Sutherland, and is a subsidiary of Sutherland Models Inc. Founded in 1985, SMI is Canada’s most high profile fashion and modeling agency. Kamera Kids was launched in 1996 to bring the same kind of expertise to the young actor's market, and rebranded as Kamera Talent in 2017.