Frequently Asked Questions about child modeling and acting

Q. Why is Kamera Kids different than other agencies?

What's different about Kamera Kids is our kids! All of our Kids over 6 years of age have been professionally trained in our special weekend workshop to prepare them for this business. They are taught how to audition for a job, as well as what to expect on their first booking. And since you - the parents! - are such an important part of our working relationship, all of our Kamera Kids parents are also trained on how to manage their child's career in order to increase their chances for bookings.

Q. How do I get my child started ?

Please click here to apply!

Q. How much money can a child make?

While there is no guarantee of how much a child might earn, modeling can certainly be a great way to start a savings account for your child!! Children earn between $60 and $120 per hour for print work,  with the possibility of additional fees for usage of the child's photos that can be in the thousands!! TV Commercials usually start at about $1000 and can earn a child a further income through residuals - a payment based on how often and where the commercial is shown . A U.S.A. national commercial can earn a model over $20,000!

Q. Is there a fee to join Kamera Kids?

There is no fee to join the agency.  Kamera Kids pay an annual fee which covers costs such as courier services, long distance phone calls, model vouchers, photocopies, headsheets, faxes, internet site upkeep and other miscellaneous expenses incurred to promote our kids.

Q. Does my child need professional photos?

For children 3 years and over, a professional photo shoot along with comp cards are required in order to promote your child properly. These photos will be your child's marketing tool, and are distributed to our clients on a daily basis!

Q. Where are you located?

Kamera Kids is located at 174 Spadina Avenue, Suite 100, Toronto, M5T 2C2.  We are on the West side of Spadina Avenue, just north of Queen Street West in downtown Toronto.   Parking meters and lots are located on Spadina north of Queen Street.  There are stairs to access our office, so for your convenience please leave your strollers at home or in the car.

Q. I am from out of town. Can my child still be a Kamera Kid?

Most of the work is done in the Toronto and surrounding areas. Kamera Kids only accepts children who live within 2 hours of Toronto.


The talent industry can be intimidating, especially when you are just starting out! You will face many options when considering which company you should choose to represent your child, and making the right choice can become very overwhelming.
Be very cautious of the following:

  • Companies that charge your child $2000, $3000, or even $7000!
  • Companies who want to make your child the next film or television 'star'
  • Guaranteed Work
  • Companies who advertise that they cast for international television shows
  • Training offered to children under 6 years of age
  • Companies who state that work is only done after school, or on the weekends
  • Companies who give you a certain timeframe to submit your payment, otherwise you may lose the spot within the company

All of the above are just a few points to keep in mind when deciding which company is best for your child.

Q. Does my child need a portfolio?


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